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Our story started in the '90s.

We were both working as organisational development specialists for a big multinational. The pace was fast and we were landing more projects than we could resource. Project Directors were turning to us to advise them on how to find the best people to resource the upcoming projects. But this was the catch - we had great recruitment data on prospective hires but very little data on what skills we currently had in the business. Our workforce planning capability was inadequate and because we had very little employee data everything was based on best guess. The organisation was losing key talent at an alarming rate and we really didn’t know why. In essence, we were trying to fill a bath tub without having a plug!

Then the GFC hit. Our business needed to restructure, take out costs and people. We were brought in to advise on the redesign. What should the new structure look like, who should stay and who should go? Once again, we didn’t really know who our most productive employees were, what they were really focusing their time on, what was getting in their way or where our flight risks were. We were operating blind.

The CEO had his sights on culling the top 10% of high earners in the business. We could reduce our payroll liability but lose exceptional talent in the process!


We instinctively felt there needed to be a better way. So after scouring the market for a suitable technology solution, and finding none, we created RoleWorks. We knew that business leaders had to be able to access the right people data and quickly, so that they can make the best business decisions.


Real, clean data that accurately shows what’s happening in your organisation is extremely valuable in the face of making better decisions. RoleWorks maps every role across an entire organisation and gathers valuable insights directly from employees in a way that engages them.

No more time and motion studies or long consulting interviews that cost the earth, and no more operating blind.

Two years in, we’re seeing businesses transformed by RoleWorks, we’re seeing more of the right people in the right roles, productivity increasing and organisations’ thriving. Time and time again we’ve seen that when people are happy so is the bottom- line.


Carol Brown

Chris Meade

Chris Meade is the Co-Founder and Client Director at RoleWorks. She believes business success comes when people can truly give their best, where they are in roles that fit, their voices are heard and they can learn and grow as individuals. In the complexities and demands of today’s organisations this doesn’t happen automatically - it takes conscious effort and deliberate design. This passion comes from her experiences in business as an HR professional for over 25 years where she has experienced organisations who really understand their workforce and those that don’t and I know where she’d rather spend her efforts.

Carol Brown is a the Co-Founder and CEO of RoleWorks and Diversitas. She has long held a passion for smart organisational design, and in particular is committed to working with her clients to design work in such a way, that their employees love to work there and give of their best. Following on from 25 years in the corporate sector, Carol has gone on to build two successful businesses that support this passion. Her work takes her to many different countries, where she consults with senior leaders across different industry sectors.


Carol believes that the future of work is already here and that smart organisations are those who recognise the value of their ‘human capital’, are willing to learn from their employees and are prepared to invest in their development and wellbeing.

We believe in creating high performing organisations that people love to work in.

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