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Why feedback is so important for motivating your employees

August 27, 2018

Giving feedback can feel great, when it is positive, but really difficult if there is a courageous conversation that needs to be had. But honest and thoughtful feedback is essential to keep employees on track and it’s probably one of the most important skills that Managers need to learn. Effective ...

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How to keep your employees motivated

August 25, 2018

All roles have some content which involves doing the same things in the same way. But too much of this can become monotonous, boring, and eventually lead to disengagement—one of productivity’s worst enemies.  

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How to Attract Key Talent

August 23, 2018

Culture within the workplace is the sum of the collective values, attitudes, interactions, and even traditions that take place within the organisation. A culture that reflects and respects employees will both attract and retain key staff. However, a culture rife with unnecessary stress, ...

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Employees as Customer Experience Magnets

July 19, 2018

Let’s face it, creating a great customer experience is what we all wantMost organisations today have mounds of customer feedback and purchasing databut we still see examples of customers interactions falling through the cracksThis can leave you scratching your head and wondering how it went ...

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The New 'One Size Fits One' Approach to Management

July 14, 2018

Today's employees are far more than just cogs in a wheel. They're unique individuals with personal hopes, dreams, and plans as well as unique personality traits, and they want their managers to recognise their individualityChanging out a 'one size fits all' approach to leadership and replacing it ...

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What Employee Engagement Surveys Don’t Tell You by Chris Meade, Head of Client Relations and Co-Founder of RoleWorks

July 12, 2018

At first glance the data from the Role Map from Employee A was deeply disappointing to the CEO.  After much investment into her placement and help in getting her established, it appeared things were not going so well – from her perspective.  Her happiness score was low – she felt her skills were ...

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Carol Brown, RoleWorks & Diversitas CEO tells her founders story

July 09, 2018
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4 Companies Making the 4-Day Week a Reality

July 07, 2018

In recent years, companies and countries have experimented with variants on the standard five-day, forty-hour work week. Sweden, for example, tried a six-hour workday, with mixed results. Four-day weeks are also being attempted, and showing more promise. 

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How does a four-day week really work?

July 03, 2018

The idea of flexibility in work hours is nothing new, but the practice of the 4 day week is a concept that is catching on. The 4-day week, where employees work 4 10-hour-days, allows an organisation to close the office for one extra day a week. This in turn creates greater work/life balance for ...

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Data Driven Decision Making by Chris Meade Co-Founder and Head of Client Relations at RoleWorks

June 29, 2018

The following article is an example of how the RoleWorks platform has allowed one of our clients insights into their company in a subjective manner, that moves beyond measuring employee performance.

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