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3 Reasons Why Learning Should Be Top Priority for Your Company

June 28, 2018

There are plenty of demands on your company's time and resources. If you haven't seriously considered the impact that a culture which encourages learning and skills development can have on your employees, however, it's time to take another look. Creating an environment that encourages ongoing learning in all its forms, positions your organisation for future growth. Here are some reasons why: 

Reason #1: Employees Want to Learn 

Young employees want the opportunity to improve their skills. 63% of millennials actively look for jobs that provide extended training opportunities: post-graduate classes, seminars, certification opportunities, and more. They're looking for jobs that will help with overall growth and future career progression--and they'll show more loyalty to employers who provide it by working harder and staying longer. 

Reason #2: Fill the Skills Gap 

95% of companies report that finding the right candidates to fill an open position is an ongoing challenge for their business. Unemployment rates continue to drop--and while this is great news for employees looking for opportunities, it can leave you struggling to find the right skill set to fill the role. With a culture that encourages learning and growth, however, it's possible to choose candidates for their soft skills and culture fit, then provide them with the technical training necessary to be successful in the role.  

Reason #3: Stay Competitive 

Innovation is critical across any industry sector--and you don't want your business to fall behind. By encouraging a culture of learning, you can improve your employees' ability to stay ahead of the curve and keep your business competitive. Without those critical advancements in employee knowledge, your company won't be able to stay at the cutting edge of productivity within your industry.  

Building a learning organisation creates a win/win situation for employers and employees. The more employees learn, the better they're able to accomplish their personal goals and the more effectively they can help your company accomplish its organisational goals. It's time to make learning a top priority for your organisation. With the right approach, you can ensure you have the building blocks in place to move into the future.