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Can happiness and hard work can co-exist?

May 08, 2018

It can seem like happiness and hard work are mutually exclusive, but plenty of successful business leaders manage to lead happy lives while producing top results. Here is a glimpse of some successful leaders and what they do to balance the two:

Maintain Clear Boundaries Between Work and Home Life

Maintaining clear boundaries between work and home can be challenging, when the line between the two seems to more blurred than ever, thanks to the ever present mobile phones and laptops. Work is increasingly becoming a ‘thing that we do’, rather than ‘a place we go’ which means that many of us are taking work home to finish off when we have a quiet moment! The key therefore is to set boundaries around how many hours a day you will work, and then to schedule personal time for activities that are not related to work.  That way, no matter where you are, you can commit to the activity that you have planned for that time e.g. reading the kids a bed time story.  Drawing stronger boundaries around your work hours can also motivate you to get more done during that time, as you have set a clear deadline for yourself.

Cultivate Passions and Hobbies Outside of Work

  • CEO of Clif Bar, Kevin Cleary, makes working out a part of his life and even pays employees more when they work out for at least two and a half hours every week.
  • Daymond John, investor in Shark Tank, makes sure he spends time on his hobbies, including photography and reading.

Having hobbies and passions outside of your work allow you to take your mind off your workload and focus on something else for a while. This can keep you from feeling burnt out by your work, help you release stress, and allow you to connect with others outside of your work environment.

Integrate Your Work with Your Passion

When your work and your passion are interconnected, it can be hard to tell where the boundary between them lies. Being passionate about your work can lead to a greater level of happiness, and greater performance in your work, because you care deeply about the purpose of your work.