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Data Driven Decision Making by Chris Meade Co-Founder and Head of Client Relations at RoleWorks

June 29, 2018

The following article is an example of how the RoleWorks platform has allowed one of our clients insights into their company in a subjective manner, that moves beyond measuring employee performance.

Data Driven Decision Making

Employee A was brought into her organisation to “clean up the mess”. What followed was a lengthy and complex process of untangling the financial accounts to restore transparency and true understanding of the financial performance of the Company.  Employee A was a hero and highly respected.  She did it!. Over time the Company hired new talent into the finance function so when they announced their strategy to invest in systems and significantly grow revenue, they felt confident they had the right people on board. 

The Company first engaged RoleWorks to undertake role mapping across the organisation to assess the current state of their capability. They then decided to implement the role mapping RoleQ platform as an ongoing process to engage and understand roles and needs at an individual level. Through the role mapping undertaken by their staff it was evident that neither Employee A nor Employee A’s team were happy. Employee A’s role map showed she felt bogged down with detail when really she desired to be working at a more strategic level.  Role frustration was obvious through the role maps from Employee A’s team but of most concern was the high level of frustration shown by her successor, a clearly identified high performer, at Employee A’s inability to  delegate. It seemed like an easy fix for both parties. However, what Employee A’s role map and subsequent data driven dialogue with the CEO revealed was a mindset and skill set suited to being “fix it person” – not the strategic thinker, the team builder or the delegator the Company needed in the role to lead the next period. With major projects underway Employee A’s deep knowledge and experience have not been lost to the Company  - rather than Employee A fitting a pre defined role, a role was designed to fit Employee A’s unique skills and experience. 

Chris Meade Co-Founder and Head of Client Relations at RoleWorks