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How to Attract Key Talent

August 23, 2018

Culture within the workplace is the sum of the collective values, attitudes, interactions, and even traditions that take place within the organisation. A culture that reflects and respects employees will both attract and retain key staff. However, a culture rife with unnecessary stress, inflexibility, bias, and lack of support will do just the opposite. 

Unconscious Bias and Culture 

Where unconscious bias is present, decisions are made based on traditions or unchecked generalisations, rather than facts and accuracy. This bias comes from individual perceptions as well as corporate influence and leads to vast problems, dissatisfied employees, missed opportunities, and discrimination.  

Tackling unconscious bias requires awareness, tactical analysis of situations, creating an environment where employees are free to voice observations and concerns, and carefully thought out workplace policies and procedures. With conscious effort, a workplace can vastly reduce unconscious bias and create an open, welcoming, and innovative environment. 

Keys to Building Great Workplace Culture 

  • Seek feedback from employees 
  • Establish communication at all levels in the organisation 
  • Define organisational values and work towards them 
  • Set goals for the future, and keep employees updated about progress 
  • Value each employee’s unique contribution 

Great workplace culture keeps a focus on your company’s values, improves productivity, increases staff retention, attracts key staff, creates unity between employees, increases innovation and creativity, and improves the bottom line. Creating it requires addressing unconscious bias and adopting strategies for building an organisation that values its employees, communicates well, encourages growth, and sets and meets goals. The result is a dynamic, relevant organisation where people want to work.