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Redesigning Roles to Manage Risk by Chris Meade, Head of Client Relations and Co-Founder of RoleWorks

June 23, 2018

The following article is an example of how the RoleWorks platform has allowed one of our clients insights into their company in a subjective manner, that moves beyond measuring employee performance. 

Redesigning Roles to Manage Risk 

Large organisations often struggle with understanding the total true costs of the workforce – regular employees, temporary labour, casuals and particularly contractors or consultants and this was a problem faced recently by a RoleWork’s customer. It’s one thing in theory to know how decisions are made to bring in resources but who keeps track and who knows what the hidden costs are of managing the process – the many hands, the duplication, and the time involved with processing. Not to mention the risks involved if the contingent workforce is not vetted or onboarded appropriately.  

To understand how things were being done, Company X engaged RoleWorks to role map the recruiters and administration staff who were involved with all or parts of the process.  With in depth data on who was doing what and the time involved, Company X was able to redesign the entire process, introduce dedicated roles to manage the risk (and costs) and overall reduce headcount by 3.2 FTE’s. 

Chris Meade, Head of Client Relations and Co-Founder of RoleWorks