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What Employee Engagement Surveys Don’t Tell You by Chris Meade, Head of Client Relations and Co-Founder of RoleWorks

July 12, 2018

At first glance the data from the Role Map from Employee A was deeply disappointing to the CEO.  After much investment into her placement and help in getting her established, it appeared things were not going so well – from her perspective.  Her happiness score was low – she felt her skills were not being used and her work life balance poor. She had voiced dissatisfaction at the content and design of her role and her frustrations at not being able to focus in the areas where she knew she could add value. Had they made the right hiring decision or was this going to be an uncomfortable and costly end to both parties. 

With some trepidation the CEO set up the feedback discussion, an integral part of the role mapping process, to have a data driven discussion.  What followed was amazing! Employee A’s solutions to the “problem” of poor role design were totally doable and why had they not considered this before. Yes, 20% of Employee A’s work could be handed to a colleague as a development opportunity. Yes, Employee A’s strengths were clearly better utilised in facilitating integration between the teams. That really supported the strategy. And yes Employee A could work early from home and start at 10am to avoid the traffic – and maybe get on top of all those emails that disturbed her family life at nights. 

The CEO was pleased - the return on investment in the role mapping process had already paid off.  Having granular data at an individual level allowed him to have the right conversation to deal with the issues important to her.  

Role mapping is a cloud based employee driven process through which employees reflect on what they are doing in their roles, how they are spending their time, what’s getting in the way, what ideas they have for improvement and how they feel about it. In other words – an engagement survey with much, much more!

By Chris Meade, Head of Client Relations and Co-Founder of RoleWorks