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Why feedback is so important for motivating your employees

August 27, 2018

Giving feedback can feel great, when it is positive, but really difficult if there is a courageous conversation that needs to be had. But honest and thoughtful feedback is essential to keep employees on track and it’s probably one of the most important skills that Managers need to learn. Effective feedback is also tied to recognition – something that all employees, no matter what their role are keen to get.   

Most people want to have regular feedback and don’t want to have to wait until annual review to know how they’re doing. Timely feedback helps people know where they are doing well, and where to improve and addresses small problems before they become large ones.  

Two aspects of feedback that are crucial 

Feedback needs to be both positive and constructive. Positive feedback reinforces a desired behaviour and motivates people to do even more. Constructive feedback addresses areas where improvement is needed in a specific and actionable manner. It improves morale, reduces confusion about expectations and performance, and improves manager-employee relationships.  

How to Provide Feedback 

It can be challenging for managers to provide feedback when the conversation is difficult. These strategies will help: 

  1. View it as an opportunity to improve job performance and create success for the employee. 
  1. Clearly identify the problem behaviour, and, if necessary, explain why it has a negative impact. Focus on specific actions, rather than on the personality traits of the employee. 
  1. Check with the employee to be sure they see the problem and know it needs to be corrected. 
  1. Set concrete goals together for progress and change. Document the feedback and goals. 
  1. Set follow-up reviews to track progress.