Client Stories

The Icehouse, Head of Operations

The Icehouse, Head of Operations

"This has allowed us to talk through internal development opportunities rather than losing talented people..."

The Icehouse was looking for a platform that empowered our people to have meaningful conversations about performance, engagement levels, talent development and alignment with our core values. To encourage our Leaders to have quality and sometime courageous conversations it is important that they have access to up to date information and our people have a way of providing meaningful feedback.

We identified that we needed a platform that was easy to use, intuitive and felt engaging for our people. RoleQ ticked these boxes and more by providing a wide range of added value insights to our people leaders.

RoleQ provided The Icehouse with the ability to get an up to date view of people’s key tasks and responsibilities along with insights into how our people were feeling, identified roadblocks and engagement levels.

“The insights provided though the RoleQ Strategic Workforce Map has allowed us to engage early with people that have identified they are ready for change, this has allowed us to talk through internal development opportunities rather than losing talented people.”

 Scott Turner – Head of Operations

Although it’s early days, RoleQ has already provided The Icehouse with a valuable information that we have utilised to;

  • See what people are doing in the business right now – not what an outdated PD says they were doing 5 years ago

  • Have quality performance review discussions that are information driven

  • Identified an imbalance between high value activity compared to external benchmarks

  • Identify roadblocks, training needs and development gaps

  • Identify key internal relationships and the engagement our people have with external networks

  • Tracks our people’s performance against yearly KPI’s and key priorities

  • Conduct an external remuneration review with the help of the RoleQ profile data

  • Identify talent that may be looking for opportunities to grow

“I would recommend RoleQ as a great tool for providing insightful information so that leaders and their people can engage in meaningful conversations about engagement, productivity and ongoing development opportunities.”