Client Stories


HR Director

"We can have performance discussions that our people love..."

Libby Gormley is the HR Director of a rapidly growing finance group with around 70 FTE, based in Auckland, New Zealand. When we met with her, she was looking to design her people strategy for the next 12 months and she wanted to ensure that she took a high performance/high engagement approach. She instinctively knew that many employees were lacking role clarity and that given the level of growth and changes in the business, there was a need to ensure that everyone was aligned with the new strategic direction.

Like many other business leaders her challenges included making sure that their key talent is being fully utilised and are continuously challenged and developed. She also felt that there were unnecessary roadblocks, which were keeping people from being fully productive and that these needed to be identified and addressed.

Implementing RoleQmap across the group has given business leaders a clearer understanding of what the strengths of their people are and of how they are being utilised. The data provided by RoleQmap has highlighted that there are a number of “systems” roadblocks and this has helped to build the business case for implementing additional systems and automating processes. Because of this focus, roadblocks across the group have reduced by 36% in the last 6 months and employee engagement is up by 7%.

"As a people driven business, it is important that we keep close to our employees, have insight into how productive they are and understand what support they need to really excel in their roles. RoleQ has given our employees a voice to share what's important to them and a genuine stake in the outcome.

We have embedded RoleQ into every aspect of our business and use the platform to drive meaningful performance and coaching discussions, which our staff actually look forward to having! A recent survey showed that 97% of our employees say that RoleQ has made their roles more meaningful. Our customers have noticed, and so have we – we are truly building a Role Intelligent organisation!

I would highly recommend RoleQ to any business which is interested in its people and customers and is looking to really lift employee engagement and productivity."

Libby Gormley – HR Director – Finance Investment Group.