Technology that gives you a direct line of sight into real-time role data at an individual, team and company level.

RoleQ is a world-first in bringing Role Intelligence technology to the market. Our cloud based platform provides managers with regular, insightful employee feedback on real-time role activity. This means that the voice of the employee is heard and business leaders understand first-hand the issues that are impacting engagement, productivity and performance – We know it works.

Our suite of digital reports provides you with the right insights to make strategic people decisions with confidence.



Insights you will get

  • How your employees are spending their time

  • What their roadblocks are

  • Ideas for improvement

  • Their key strengths

  • Whether their skills are being fully utilised

  • How happy they are in their role

  • Their aspirations and flight risks


97% of users say RoleQ is easy and fun to use, and has driven a deeper level of engagement with their work.

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